Dog Walking Service

"Walking with Dogs" offer a wide range of dog walking options.

Your dog will be walked for approximately one hour - unless otherwise requested - and prices start from just £11.

We don’t believe in large pack walks. Instead we offer small group walks with no more than four/five dogs per walker; equally suited in size and temperament. With the added option, of private individual walks on request. Dogs will be collected from a location of your choice and will be transported to a suitable walking area. Once there, dogs can be walked on or off the lead depending on our arranged agreement and your dog’s recall ability.

Please Note: Dog treats, poo bags and toys will be provided.

Also, with your permission, we will routinely take photographs and videos of the walks to give you a snapshot of your dog’s experience. These may be posted on our Facebook page- along with additional seasonal advice.


Pet Visits/Pop-In Service


Our pets are our family!

"Walking with Dogs" cater for a wide range of pets (cats, rabbits, rodents or reptiles) within the comfort of their own home environment. On average, visits last 20 minutes.  During this time, we will replenish food, water and litter trays. With an added helping of fuss and cuddles to ensure your pets are receiving the attention they deserve.

Pups & Pet Care Service

Silence is golden. Unless you have a puppy…then silence is very, very suspicious.

No one wants to leave a puppy alone. Unfortunately, the pace of our everyday lives dictates otherwise. Yet, like humans, companionship and interaction play a vital part in your pet's happiness and wellbeing. So being alone for extended periods of time can impact on your dog’s temperament and your home.

So whether you have a young pup in need of some guidance, or an elderly gentleman in need of some company, “Walking with Dogs” are able to cater for your dog’s requirements throughout the day. Providing that little bit of TLC when you can’t be there and keeping them content until you return.


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